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Boys basketball power rankings, Feb. 13, 2024: The top five teams in area large schools and small schools heading into playoffs

Illini Bluffs
Illini Bluffs' Toby Cooper watches a free throw in the Tigers' ICAC quarterfinal game against North Fulton. Brock Angle/Clutch Sports Media

Only a few days remain before the country’s original March Madness begins in IHSA basketball and the top teams around the area head into it continuing to do what they’ve been doing all season long. 

A Mid-Illini Conference championship is still up for grabs between Morton and Metamora but if both teams win their remaining games, a conference bylaw states that the championship will be shared. Normal Community is one game away from locking up a Big 12 title while Fieldcrest and Illini Bluffs continued to reign atop their respective conferences. 

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