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Casinos try to build trust with blockchain

Trust is always an important issue when it comes to online casinos. Players always want to know whether a casino is reliable, whether they will get their money when they win and whether the games they play are fair. All these things come into play for customers and players in judging whether they find an online casino reliable or not. Blockchain can be an opportunity for casinos to be more open and offer players more insight and transparency.

Blockchain is perhaps one of the most desired technologies for online casinos that has been adopted by online casinos in recent years. Everything online that involves money and depositing money depends on consumer trust in the company. Consequently, players who do not have this trust will never play at the casino in question or will not want to gamble online at all.

However, introducing Blockchain to a file casino is not an easy operation. This is because the entire infrastructure of the website and payment processes have to be changed. It is therefore difficult for existing casinos to make the switch. For new casinos, however, it is a smaller step to start a blockchain casino compared to a regular online casino.

However, there are already solutions to apply blockchain to existing casinos without changing the entire structure of the website. For instance, IGaming has a trueplay plug-in, which allows an online casino to reward players with crypto tokens. When placing a bet or wagering on a casino game, they can then redeem these crypto coins for prizes or bonuses. By making this loyalty programme public on the blockchain, users can gain insight into whether everything is fair, with this the casino also creates additional trust for their players.

This trust in turn results in several benefits for the casino. For instance, there is more commitment from the players and it is easier to retain the customer. As a result, these players are also more likely to return and less likely to switch to another alternative.

These poker players have been named for the poker hall of fame before 2022

The Poker Hall of Fame is a very honourable entry in the poker world to which only 1 poker player is added every year. The poker Hall of Fame was created in 1979 until the first WSOP events were still organised by Benny Binion at the horseshoe casino in Las Vegas.

In 1979, Johnny Moss was the first poker player to be added to the Poker Hall of Fame. Moss was also the first player s to win that first WSOP in 1970. In the first year the Hall of Fame started, 7 players were immediately added, so in addition to Moss, 6 more players were added. From 1980, this was limited to only 1 or 2 players each year. Nowadays, they have limited this to 1 player.

The (still living) members of the Hall of Fame collectively vote for poker players they feel have meant something to poker. From these votes, a selection of names is made from which one name is eventually added to the Poker Hall of Fame.

Who are nominated for 2022?

Obviously, some nominees are a bit more famous than others. Of course, what stands out the most is the nomination of Lon McEchern & Norman Chad. The two legendary poker commentators who have commented opinion poker table.

In addition, Mike Matusow is of course one of the most talked-about players in the poker world who has also managed to win 4 WSOP bracelets. The same goes for Josh Arieh, Arieh managed to add 2 bracelets in Pot Limit Omaha tournaments in 221.

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