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TIP: We recommend viewing on a desktop or monitor for the best experience possible. 


Q: What am I getting with my subscription? 

A: If you purchase an all-tournament pass, you’ll have access to every game live and on-demand from your time of purchase onward. If you buy the one-day pass, you’ll have access to all games live and on-demand for 24-hours from the moment of purchase. 


All 128 games will be streamed live. All games up until the semifinals will feature a game camera, in addition to a camera fixed on the scoreboard to view the score and clock that will be visible at all times. 


Thursday’s tournament semifinal games will feature a play-by-play broadcaster. Friday’s championship and third-place games will feature play-by-play, color commentary and a score bug graphic. 


Q: Will every game be streamed? 

A: Yes! All 128 games will be streamed live. Each gym venue will have its own stream channel accessible on the right side of the screen. Live channels will appear at the top of this menu, with on-demand games available in descending order beneath them. 


Q: My game is about to start and I can’t see it! Where is it?

A: Our streams at each venue temporarily pause in between games. Worry not, each stream will restart prior to the next game. Please keep in mind that tournament schedules can often run behind. 


Q: Help! My stream froze and isn’t working. My screen went black. What should I do?

A: Many small bugs can be resolved by refreshing your browser, or signing out of your DaCast account you made at the time of purchase and signing back in. Small internet and computer errors are out of everybody’s control, but unfortunately do happen at times. We are not responsible for user-error, computer problems or internet outages that may occur while viewing the tournament. 


Q: I’m having repeated problems watching games. What’s going on? 

A: If we’re experiencing major issues at one of our venues, updates will be provided on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Please know our team is working to resolve issues as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience. 


Q: I’ve had many problems and want a refund. 

A: We will consider refund requests on a case-by-case basis. Please detail your problems on our contact us form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Q: I thought all your coverage was free? Why do I have to pay? 
A: In order to cover a 128-game tournament across six venues, a paywall is necessary to fund the endeavor and pay our hard-working crew. You can expect the same attention to detail as you would in any other Clutch Sports Media broadcast.

Q: Can I stream these games on a smart TV? 

A: There is no way to view these games on a smart TV through a native app other than a web browser. The suggested workaround is to plug your computer into your TV via an HDMI cord and then select that as a source. 


Thank you for your feedback!

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