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Peoria Heights’ four-sport athlete Heath a man of many talents

Peoria Heights' Finn Heath pitches a ball to a teammate. Photo provided

Peoria Heights senior Finn Heath grew up in Pekin, Illinois. He didn’t know a soul – save for his dad, Peoria Heights High School’s golf coach – when he came over as a freshman to the school.

Four years later his name is known throughout the halls, as he’s a standout, four-sport athlete for the Patriots in football, golf, basketball and baseball.

Heath is clearly a very busy high school student. For most kids, the start of the year is the easiest, as class loads are just starting and students don’t have to worry about many projects or tests.

For Heath, the fall is the busiest time of the year, as he’s one of a very small group of athletes that play two sports in the same season.

“I go to school, then football practice right after school,” Heath said. “When football practice is done I go home, get showered, and go to the golf course.

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