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The top 10 Central Illinois high school sports stories of 2023-24: No. 5-No. 1

Sports are often home to many “greatest of all time”, or “GOAT” debates. Whether its at a dinner table, sitting around a TV, or while sitting in the stands, the question is raised everywhere. 

Anyone who is a part of sports – athletes, coaches, parents, and fans – is obsessed with greatness. What defines greatness can be a tricky question to answer. It can be quantified by titles and career accomplishments, but it can also be quantified by character, leadership, and being a good teammate. 

The past season in Central Illinois high school sports was full of teams and athletes who exemplified both of those concrete and abstract qualities. Behind all of the trophies, plaques and medals handed out to the dozens of high school athletes and coaches in the area over the past months were months and years of hard work and putting those positive qualities together. 

We end our countdown of the top 10 stories of the 2023-24 season in high school sports below, all of which, in one way or another, defined greatness. 

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